07/17/22 Weekly Recap

These are all the graded books I purchased and recieved this last week.

Avengers #211 is a fairly deep rabbit hole spec. In this issue Wonder Man quits the Avengers to pursue a career in acting and stunt work. It's rumored that the Wonder Man Disney Plus show will be about him as an actor. I think this makes sense considering there hasn't a been a show like that regarding a superhero yet and Marvel can make a lot of meta-ish jokes about super-heros, Hollywood, actors, have celebrity cameos, etc. She-Hulk is a show about her as a lawyer so why not have one about an actor? Also of note in this comic is that Wonder Man goes to Hercules and asks him about acting/Hollywood in this issue since Hercules has worked as an actor. If you've watched the Thor Love & Thunder end credits where Hercules is introduced, Zeus speaks with disdain in regards to how everyone wants "superheroes" not "Gods" nowadays. Was he talking in the MCU or in the real world? I don't know but I think this could definitely tie-in or at least be seen as a nod to why a superhero would be hired as an actor as a plot for a show that takes place in the MCU.

I picked up the two shown here in the photo for $217.90 shiped from a seller that had them both listed in a single listing. So convenient.

The Champions #1 was a great pick up that I mentioned in a previous blog post. I won it in an auction for $547.95 shipped the week before last. I ended up selling it within 24 hours of my getting it on Ebay for $1,500. I probably could have held out for more but I'm not one to pass up easy money like that.

The Hercules #1 CBCS 9.8 was a pick up from MyComicShop for $88.77. There were some raw books I wanted from there as well so figured I'd add this. It's a newsstand which is rare but CBCS sucks balls so the one probably cancels out the other. I have it set to go up for auction tonight. Maybe I'll make a few bucks. I probably won't. Oh well.

The Thor book is another shit CBCS book but I couldn't pass up a direct edition copy 9.8 regardless of what grading service it is. $164 shipped. And finally, there's been recent rumors that Korvac will be in multiple MCU projects. I don't know if this is true or not but a white page Giant-Size Defenders CGC 9.4 for $528.87 shipped is a pretty damn good find IMO. This was won in an auction on Ebay.

That's it for today. I have at least one sub of 25 books arriving this week from CGC that I'll be posting and then an economy shipment likely to arrive the week after. I should also have a 1/2 dozen or so graded books I purchased arriving either this week or next to post as well.