07/13/22 A $2,500 Signature

Apparently I was wrong in thinking that the value of a minor key could be significantly elevated due to Stan Lee's signature alone because someone proved a few weeks ago that the book doesn't even need to be a minor key for this to happen. As you can see in the picture below, a book with zero significance sold for $2,500 just because it was signed by Stan Lee (sales price verified using Terapeak as seen below).

In May I published a post about how I had been picking up Stan Lee signed minor keys & newer books that had low Signature Series census numbers since those numbers would remain low forever. Not only did this person appear to have the same idea I did but he proved it with this sale. He even included his rationale and the census numbers in the description of his Ebay listing.

You can see the previous sales amount for this book in 9.8 for both Universal and SS labels without Stan Lee's signature on GPA as shown below.

Based on the Universal label sales, it's fair to suggest this book is barely worth grading which makes the $2,500 sale even more impressive.

I don't really have anything else to say regarding this except to keep in mind that the SS census count could increase on any of the Stan Lee signed books but you could always verify what the census count was before and after Stan Lee's passing using the CGCdata site. If you're not familiar with CGCdata, I'll post a link below. You can use it to see how the census numbers have increased each year.


I've included a link to the earlier post I wrote about signed Stan Lee books below:

05/21/22 Revisiting Stan Lee CGC SS 9.8 Purchases