07/11/22 LD & Newsstands

The first appearance of Lady Deathstrike in Alpha Flight #33 and her pre-Lady Deathstrike appearance as plain old Yuriko Oyama in Daredevil #197 are two books I've been picking up for a while now. I like Lady Deathstrike as a character, she's had appearances in videogames, movies and animated shows in the past so I could see her being used again someday in live action.

I like first appearances of non-A-list characters from this era of books because newsstands very affordable if you're patient and even if the character doesn't appear in live action in the near future, newsstands are generally priced the same as direct editions when raw but are significantly rarer. So worst case scenario, you buy newsstands at or slightly above direct FMV, grade them and sell them at a premium for being a newsstand. I have quite a few raws of both comics but this newsstand CGC 9.8 arrived today (pictured below) which I purchased for $314.95 shipped which was only $12 more than the averaged price of the last two CGC 9.8 direct editions that have sold on Ebay.

The seller I purchased this from probably either didn't realize it was a newsstand or didn't think it mattered since he didn't really price it higher than multiple CGC 9.8 directs on Ebay and he didn't mention "newsstand" in the title's listing. This happens quite a bit and is something to keep an eye out for. If you use Terapeak to look at the last year's worth of sales for this book, you'll see that 28 CGC 9.8 Alpha Flight #33s have sold and only the one I purchased was a newsstand.

If you're unfamiliar with Terapeak, I highly recommend you get familiar with it. It's a tool provided by Ebay which shows the actual sold AND paid amounts of all items in the last year. If an offer was made in a message between a buyer and seller, the actual offer price is what is shown here. If an item isn't paid for or is cancelled, it doesn't show up on Terapeak. This is great because the site is operated by Ebay and the information is accurate. Third party sites frequently aren't accurate so if the sale happened in the last year, Terapeak is 100% accurate, 100% legit and should always be used to verify sales prices on Ebay. Here's a link for the Terapeak page and the search string I used:

Terapeak Search

So 28 9.8s have sold in the last year and one was a newsstand. There are 17 CGC 9.8s currently listed on Ebay with only 2 of those being newsstands. So if you do the math, less than 7% of the listed or sold Alpha Flight #33 CGC 9.8s on Ebay in the last year have been newsstands.

If you multiply the 339 CGC 9.8s on the CGC census by 7%, you get an estimated 24 newsstand 9.8s currently out there. That makes the newsstands significantly rarer than the direct editions but with little to no extra cost when buying them raw (or when graded if the seller isn't paying attention or is indifferent to newsstands).

The important thing to remember is that the year the comic came out has little to no relevance when it comes to 9.6-9.8 availability. You'll hear people argue "but it's from 1986, there's a ton of newsstands out there!" Yes. There is. The vast majority of them are beat to shit because they sat in newsstand racks or were flipped through while on store shelves so there just aren't many 9.6-9.8 candidates out there and that's what is important. If you look at each comic individually, I'm sure you'll find plenty of other examples like this you can capitalize on.