07/05/22 More Arrivals...

These arrived today. I have a few more of those JIM #124s arriving hopefully in the next week or two. I ordered those due to the increasing rumors and now apparent confirmation of Hercules arriving in an end credits scene in Thor Love and Thunder. #124 is the 2nd appearance of Hercules and also has a classic Jack Kirby cover. Still fairly cheap I think for the significance and age.

Marvel Team-Up #19 is a book I'll pick up when I find them in nice condition and pretty cheap. 1st appearance of Stegron who one could consider a candidate for a live action Savage Land appearance. I feel like there are a lot of possible Savage Land people that could show up if it happens but really only Sauron is one I have sunk decent money into. I the rest are just a gamble.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned the Hulk #197 before or not since I have been buying copies lately. It's a great Man-Thing vs Hulk Bernie Wrightson cover and appears quite hard to hit a 9.8 with due to there being only 12 total 9.8s on the census. It seems bottlenecked at 9.6 for some reason with 53 on there. The last recorded sale on GPA was 2 years ago at $550 and with the last 9.6 sale in April at $475, I think the next 9.8 that sells will see a price solid jump. Considering that and a possible live action appearance of Man-Thing in the Marvel Halloween Special, I think this book could see some increased attention in the coming months. The last two pictured I've already talked about at least once so won't be discussing them again.