06/30/22 Two More Graded Books

Got these two graded books in the mail today and yesterday.

The Wonder Man is the only 9.8 Canadian Price Variant on the census so I figured it was a worthy pick up. I'll probably continue to think that until I see 5 more 9.8s get added to the census.

With Hercules rumored to make an appearance in an end credits scene in Love & Thunder, I figured this bronze age book with a Herc vs. Iron Man (Avengers vs. Champions) George Perez cover was a decent pick up for under $200.

Hercules has been rumored for quite a while now and while I think books like his 2nd appearance in Journey Into Mystery #124 may be a bit undervalued, I don't think they're undervalued enough to really risk a lot of money on so looking for smaller Hercules keys and covers may be a good idea before he shows up in the MCU.