06/30/22 DD, DD & FF

Now I don't know if this necessarily spec worthy but I do think it's pretty neat and I really like reading my own writing so I figured I'd post this in case anyone else might enjoy the info share.

But yeah, in the last few months I've been buying copies of Fantastic Four #39 in and around VF condition that I've been able to find outside of Ebay. I began purchasing them because I didn't realize until I went back and re-read the OG Daredevil series that DD doesn't actually meet the Fantastic Four until issue #39 which he also happens to be on the cover of.

It's well known that the first Fantastic Four/Daredevil crossover is in Daredevil #2 but in that issue the Fantastic Four only meet Matt Murdock as a lawyer they hire.

They don't actually meet him as Daredevil until a year later in FF #39. I thought this was neat because Spider-Man No Way Home mimicked this intro with Peter meeting Matt Murdock as his lawyer without ever meeting him as Daredevil.

So Fantastic Four #39 has the following going for it:

Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Doctor Doom together on a Jack Kirby cover.

The first time Daredevil meets Doctor Doom.

The first time the Fantastic Four meet Daredevil (not just Matt Murdock).

It also hasn't seen a whole heck of a lot of movement value-wise in 8.0 and below so I've been able to find some decent raw copies at prices I've liked.

Now I'm not saying one should go out and spend a ton of money on this book but I am saying that if you run across a stack of nice unassuming (as in non-huge keys) early Fantastic Four books out there and you can only afford one or two, maybe give this one some consideration.