06/26/22 Two Graded Books...

....that arrived this week. I'm only going to talk about the Heir To the Empire book since I've already discussed the True Believers SS books at length already. That being said, I got this one for $400 shipped which I think is a bit surprising since there's only 19 on the census and a copy sold in 2021 for $700.

I basically sold a Thrawn #1 Mattina variant CGC 9.8 to help fund the purchase of this Heir To The Empire #1 newsstand 9.8. The cost of this book was $2,540 shipped.

I purchased the Mattina book for $619.00 shipped on 10/08/20 and sold it on 06/12/22 for $3,000. When calculating all possible fees in regards to this sale including the income tax I will pay on the profit at the end of the year and the original cost of the book, I walked away with $1,328.19. This means the Heir To the Empire had an out of pocket cost of $1,211.81. With a previous high of $5,000 back in 2021 and only two newsstand CGC 9.8s current on Ebay with the cheaper of the two being $7,000, I figured this was a safe bet.

I was going to do a long comparison of other high ratio variants and first apps to explain why I felt getting rid of the Mattina book now was a good idea but I'm not going to bother. There are too many 9.8s on the census (57), too many already sitting on Ebay (5), etc. and I was happy to get rid of it for $3,000. I'm diggin in on the "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" philosphy when it comes to profit nowadays. I've seen too many "rare" books sit stagnant or drop in value both after a casting announcement and arrival in live action (look up recent sales and previous highs of Warlock, Ms. Marvel/Young Avengers, Kate Bishop, America Chavez, etc. if you need examples of this).