06/26/22 Moron Or Genius: Thor #146

I've been meaning to make a Moron Or Genius video for a while on these purchases of mine from earlier in the year but I hate making videos and will probably never make another one. But since I figured there is some potential decent spec here I'd keep it simple and do a MORON OR GENIUS post for your reading pleasure.

Here goes...

Thor #146

1st Inhumans backup story which continued until #152.

Origin of the Inhumans which includes the discovery and 1st appearance of Terrigen Mist.

1st app Randac – King of the Inhumans and 1st to undergo Terrigenesis.

Classic 1967 Jack Kirby Thor vs Ringmaster cover.

Now if you're like me and believe the Inhumans will eventually show up again in the MCU, then I think this is a pretty good relatively cheap silver age Inhumans key to pick up. I started buying this book well before Doctor Strange 2's release and confirmation of Black Bolt's appearance in it. After seeing Fantastic Four #45s start to creep back up in value, I wanted to get in on some Inhumans spec without the high price tag of FF #45 and started considering Thor #146. I personally think the Inhumans have too much significance and history in Marvel comics to not eventually be revisited in the MCU.

While origins are normally considered keys, I think this book has a bit more going for it than the average origin story. It has the first appearance of Terrigen Mist and the 1st app of Randac.

Randac only has a handful of appearances in the comics but he was a major player in regards to the development of the Inhumans. He was a geneticist and King of the Inhumans who, along with Makoth and others, discovered Terrigen Mist. Randac was the first to expose himself to the mist and complete the process of Terrigenesis which gave him godlike powers.

You can read more about him and Terrigenesis in his Wiki entry here if you like:


If there ever is any sort of explanation of how the Inhumans get their powers in the MCU, Terrigen Mist will likely to be a part of this so having it's first app and the explanation of it's use and discovery in comics may be a good thing to own.

Now you can disagree with how big a key this is in relation to the Inhumans, I mean they aren't on the cover after all but the one thing this comic has going for it that you can't argue with is the price. If you go on Ebay, you'll find a ton of raw copies. With a bit of effort and patience, you can 100% find a raw high grade copy or two on the cheap. Even if you consider this to be a minor key, what other silver age Jack Kirby cover Thor books with spec potential can you still find at these prices?

So what did I buy exactly? I bought 4 graded copies for a total of $2,056.20. Again what 9.6s from this era with any sort of significance can be bought at this price? I had started with just the 9.6s at an average price of $683.10 each and then was like “well, screw it. I might as well buy the 9.4s I see too".

Based on the grader's notes and seeing it in person, one of the 9.6s has 9.8 potential but I haven't decided if I'm willing to take that risk yet. I'll let you know if I do.

Here are the current census numbers for this book if you're curious:

So that's basically it for this MORON OR GENIUS post.

What do you think? Will you be buying copies? Do you have copies? Am I moron? Am I genius? I can't wait to find out! (Just kidding. If you know me at all, you know I don't care what you think.)