06/26/22 CGC Grade Reveal/Prediction Follow Up

Modern, no fast tack. Delivered 3/25. Entered as received 4/15. Shipped 6/14. TAT 56 working days.

The first picture is obviously the grade results. The second image is the prediction post which I edited to include the grade results below the predicted amounts and then the incremental grade difference between the two. So a predicted 9.2 that got a 9.4 would be an incremental difference of +1. A predicted 9.4 that got a 8.5 would be an incremental difference of -3. I did this so I could calculate and track my accuracy rate over time.

So with this sub I have a total of 12 books accurately predicted (48%).

An incremental difference of 17 grades total with an average of undergrading across all books by +.56. So I basically undergraded each book by half an increment on average for the whole sub. This is not good.

Obviously from an immediate monetary return with this sub, the prediction undergrades are great. Unfortunately this is monetarily damaging in the long run. If I consistently undergrade, then I will likely exclude books from submission consideration since I may inaccurately think they aren't worth graded and then lose potential profit by not subbing them. So while getting lucky is great and under-predicting is better than over-predicting, being accurate is best when attempting to maximize profits long term.

I've included all the comments I included with the original prediction post in case you wanted to read or revisit them:

Total cost of the comics: $894.63

All grading fees and shipping both ways: $764.00 (30.56 each)

Combined cost of everything: $1,658.63

Comic costs shown below include shipping and tax when applicable.

Avengers Initiative Annual #1 - $9.00 9.6 - 1st printed Secret Invasion related story and banner across the top. Multiple minor 1st apps. Probably not worth spec'ing on.

Kanan #1 1:25 Plunkett variant - $24.00 9.6 - Shouldn't require any explanation. Both this and the one below have multiple very small color breaking spine ticks (CBST).

Figured I'd rather sub these early than late to have in time for the Ahsoka show or any more casting news.

Kanan #1 cover A - $5.60 9.6 - See above.

Doctor Strange: Damnation #2 - $4.80 9.8 - 1st app new Midnight Sons team or 1st ever Midnight Suns team. Whatever.

Star Wars #30 Mile High variant - $74.95 9.4 - 1st Ahsoka cover on a Mile High comic. These came polybagged with a crappy backing board that was smaller than the comic. They all also have an odd slight mis-wrap. You can still buy these from Mile High but they are way too expensive for the condition they'll likely come in. Common theme with Mile High here....

Dark Horse Insider #46 - $2.10 9.6 - 1st cover app Thrawn. Just a cheap solicitation comic that pre-dates Heir to the Empire #1. I owned 5-10 copies of this at one point and all had recessed staples so I'm not sure how that will affect these. I've gotten both 9.6 and 9.8s on previous subs.

Beckett #1 cover A - $5.66 9.8 - 1st app Enfys Nest.

Heir to the Empire #1 - $59.99 9.0 – Beautiful copy from the front of the comic. Has a couple gnarly CBST on the back though unfortunately. Always ask to see a back photo prior to purchasing off Ebay.

Iron Man #282 newsstand edition - $154.99 9.4 – Ebay seller listed this as “NM+” it sure as fuck wasn't and I way overpaid. I glanced at it when I received it and thought it looked pretty good. Was probably VF at best once I pulled it out of the bag and actually looked at it. I should have returned it but I felt like I waited to long to do so. Took a ton of work when pressing too.

Kanan #6 - $5.61 9.8 – I had 30+ copies of this book at one point but now I'm down to my last 6 or so. I probably should have held onto more lol

Ultimates #1 Dodson 1:25 variant - $44.00 9.6 – This shit wasn't close to NM when I got it. Fuck you Mile High.

Beckett #1 Dodson variant - $12.00 9.8 – OK, this was NM when I got it from Mile High. Strike my previous “fuck you” from the record!

Darth Vader #16 Galactic Icons variant - $6.50 9.8 - 1st cover app of Enfys Nest. C'mon Andor appearance!

Kanan #1 2nd print - $150.00 9.8 - Expensive but a pretty good track record from this place with condition.

Avengers Initiative Annual #1 - $6.24 9.8 - 1st printed Secret Invasion related story and banner across the top. Multiple minor 1st apps. Probably not worth spec'ing on.

Dark Horse Insider #46 - $7.50 9.4 - See above.

Highlander #0 - $1.33 9.8 - 1st Highlander comic. I have a comical amount of the sketch incentive and figured I'd mix it up with a cover A. This is gonna be rebooted someday right??

Invaders #7 - $12.95 8.5 – I had this listed as 8.0 on Ebay for like $40 and some doucheweasel started arguing with me about the condition because it has some red spots in the yellow area on the cover which I explained to him is pretty common, looks worse than they are due to the high res scans the and how the graded 9.6s I have this as well. I don't think $40 is a ridiculous price any way so I was like “fuck this guy, I'm just going to press and sub it” so here we are. This is the worst copy I have left and have 8 more raws, an 8.0 on the way back from CGC and 2 CGC 9.6s so I figured I'd roll the dice with this one and see what happens.

Star Wars #30 Mile High variant - $74.95 9.6 - See above.

Beckett #1 Dodson variant - $12.00 9.8 - See above.

Kanan #1 1:25 Plunkett variant - $24.00 9.6 - Same CBST issues as stated on the one above.

Heir to the Empire #1 - $36.00 9.4 – This is the slightly thicker cardstock glossy cover and it has some faint scratches to the front and back. Mile High actually lists the two different cover types in their store but CGC still doesn't recognize there's a difference.

Kanan #1 2nd print - $150.00 9.8 - See above.

Beckett #1 cover A - $5.66 9.8 - See above.

Astonishing X-Men #6 - $4.80 9.6 - 1st Abigail Brand and S.W.O.R.D. I had was subbing this due to Abigail Brand but turns out all the Emilia Clarke spec may not be her after all. Oh well. I'm subbing it anyway. This was originally part of a 9.8 screen I had a “pro” press for me. It was rejected, no shocker there, but it 100% looked it wasn't pressed it all. Several rejects from this sub looked like they weren't even touched. I pressed it just to see what it would come back as. Was probably a 9.0 at best originally. Has a small CBST on the front cover which will likely prevent it from being a 9.8.