06/23/22 More CGC Predictions....

Here's another batch off to CGC.

Several of these were CBCS crossovers that dropped a grade when graded by CGC so I figured I'd crack, press and try again since they weren't pressed during the crossover (that was dumb). I'll post more info on this with the previous grades when I get these back.

The pressing might not help because CBCS' grading consistently eats bags of shit and the Iron Man #282 actually had a 1/2" color breaking line near the front top of the cover DESPITE having been graded a 9.6 by CBCS. Since CBCS slab values suck so much shit and have so little demand, it's a lot easier to sell CGC slabs so a drop in grade isn't TOO terrible depending on the book since it'll be easier to sell and someone isn't going to lowball you with a 50% offer since it's in a CBCS case.

I have MULTIPLE copies of all of these X-Men books and Wolverine #1s. Figured I'd grade some of the lower condition ones I have just to make some dinero. The ??? for the #121 is because the copy looks fantastic from outside the comic but looks like a rat nibbled on some of the inner page corners. Not sure how that'll affect the grade.

That 2nd print Iron man/Ironheart Generations book has a bunch of color rub on the front and back as with every copy of it I've seen. Hard to find book though with zero copies currently on the census so I figured I'd give one a whirl.

That Secret Wars book sucks but the high gloss cardstock cover is pretty hard to press so I thought I'd try pressing one with a bunch of dings and see what happens. Money is only dirty paper any way right? Same goes for the Namor #1 and Man-Thing. Relatively hard to find in newsstand and was just curious to see how CGC would grade them after I pressed them since they haver multiple SUPER minor flaws.

That Barbie. I'm heartbroken. God damn polybags. Will probably be a 9.4. Ugh....