06/23/22 More Arrivals

The packages must have been piling up at the post office over the long holiday weekend because these all arrived Tuesday.

There's nothing super special about that Dead of Night #11 other than it being a great Gil Kane and Bernie Wrightson cover, the debut of a cool but short-lived character and relatively hard to find in high grade book. The census numbers are pretty funny for this one so I'll post them below. I've never seen numbers match in multiple grades like this before.

I like that Mayhem mini-series for the relatively hard to find in ultra high grade first Mask title. I believe I was the first to hit 9.8 with #1 on the census back in 2020. Not sure if selling it super quick was a good idea or not but there are 11 9.8s on there now. #4 also has the debut of the first female mask on the last page shown below (a theme I'll revisit later in this post). These sets are not cheap on Ebay but I was able to grab this set off there when it went up for $42.60 shipped. Patience is a virtue for those with nothing better to do.

There were rumors of a live action Mask reboot with a female protagonist reported by Entertainment Weekly a few years ago (see below). I don't know if this will happen or not but a live action reboot of some sort will likely happen eventually either way.


Nothing special about the Fantastic Four books. The #156 is just a cool Doom cover that can be picked up pretty cheap and #183 was a HTF high grade UPC direct I couldn't pass up.

Same thing more or less goes for the Deathlook book. Hard to find in high grade newsstand edition with a Doctor Doom battle cover.

The Rogue Squadron #26 books are ones I'm surprised I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere. I don't visit any other spec sites on a regular basis but I'm surprised I haven't seen it pop up since Corran Horn appeared to be canonized in the Kenobi series. I didn't noticed his appearance in the show which was mentioned to me by a friend with me then finding this online article about it here:


They make a fantastic case the kid is him. He has a very extensive Legends history (mostly in novels) and would fit right into the current Disney Plus post ROTJ timeline as well as a Rogue Squadron movie.

For some reason this book is already hard to find and expensive but I don't see it having been talked about elsewhere. Some sellers seem to think it's a mini-series called "Family Ties" with one dildo on Ebay telling me the "mini-series is selling like wildfire" when I asked about a price reduction. Uh, ok dude..... I'll post the panels from the comic below that show him and the Wookieepedia entry that confirms it. If he appears elsewhere prior to this, I can't find it.

Ghost Rider #5 is the first meeting of the Punisher and Ghost Rider with a cool Jim Lee battle cover. I'm only picking up newsstands of this one. The direct edition in the picture was due to a seller sending me a wrong copy which he refunded me for. I fucking hate sellers that tell you to "use pictures to determine the grade" of a book and then send you a different book. While the likelihood of these two meeting in the MCU may be relatively small, I only see the popular and demand for the cover rising especially in newsstand if and when these two do appear in the MCU. Books like this won't make ya rich but will likely make you a couple hundred bucks. And that couple hundred bucks will then allow you to buy more books that will make you a couple hundred bucks. And that couple hundred.... you get the idea. SNOWBALL, BITCH!!

What If #45 is a fun book and is another one I'll be picking up in newsstand only. First appearance of Barbara Ketch aka a female Ghost Rider in a comic. Reminiscent of how Jane Foster eventually showed up as Thor right? This is another unlikely to happen in the MCU book but is a cool idea, cool cover and rare in newsstand so I'm in for a few copies that I'm sure I'll be able to sell for a profit when graded whenever I choose to do so.

And finally, I've saved the best for last. I figured if you're still reading, you've earned it....

Silver Surfer #46 is a book I've been picking a lot of copies up of in the last 6 months or so. Now I would prefer this book in newsstand but it's really hard to find in high grade. Since I like the book so much though I've been settling for direct edition copies which is rare for me with books from the early 90s. This book is already considered a "key" due to the great Warlock cover and his reintroduction as you can see in the Key Collector entry below:

So unfortunately this book isn't very cheap and 9.8s have already sold at silly prices which has kept the graded values elevated despite me not thinking the asking price for these is realistic currently.

But ya, why do I like this book so much? It's the first meeting of Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer. Two cosmic characters that are likely to eventually meet in the MCU. Maybe they never will, but the idea is pretty cool either way and I'm sure will eventually draw more attention to this book.

I've included the relevant panels below...

Call me crazy, but I think a newsstand 9.8 of this book would eventually do very well.

Now you might be thinking "T, aren't you afraid it's going to make it difficult for you to keep picking these up if you post this info??" "No, I'm not. No one reads this blog and I'm only posting this info AFTER I've picked up a shitload of copies. Thanks for the concern though. T La Ross - OUT!"