06/17/22 The Dream Team

With Marvel 1st meetings, 1st team-ups and battle covers heating up, I started thinking back to that Batman scene with the Joker in the last movie. You know, the one where Batman visits Arkham to get Joker's help. It took me a while to find it but their first team up in a comic was Brave and the Bold #111.

Since the Joker was teased in the movie and there is a sequel in the works, it's hard to imagine he won't be in it. We know he's locked up in Arkham, unlikely to get released on good behavior and Batman already has a history with him. So other than him breaking out for the 1,000th time, a team-up would make sense as a way to get him out of there. Is this likely to happen in the next movie? Probably not. But I think it's a neat idea and one that hasn't been explored yet in a live action movie. With the Joker sequel rumored to a be a musical with Lady Gaga, I think it's safe to say literally anything is possible at this point so the idea of Batman/Joker team-up really isn't too absurd.

So despite DC Comics not getting a lot of spec love in general and the unlikelihood that there will be a 48 Hrs. style Batman/Joker team up movie, I still think this is a pretty cool book. It's a neat piece of Batman history which tells the story of the first team up with his arch nemesis with this being clearly depicted on the cover by Batman referring to Joker as his “partner”.

Another thing I like about this book is that isn't very easy to find in high grade which helps it's collectability whether a movie team up happens or not.

This picture below is a 9.6 double cover I picked up a couple months back.

As you can see by the next picture, 9.6s and above aren't too easy to obtain.

One thing I like about these census numbers is how many random mid grade copies there are on it. To me, this shows that there is some desire to have graded copies of this book regardless of how misguided these submission attempts were. When you see a book with only 9.8s, 9.6s and a couple 9.4s, it shows people don't feel it's worth taking the risk to submit anything they aren't sure is an ultra high grade copy. That isn't the case with this book which I think bodes well for it's long term appeal regardless of what happens in the movies. If you get lucky and happen to stumble across a 9.8 candidate, I think it'd probably do well when sold whenever you chose to do so. Since there isn't a recorded 9.8 sale on GPA since 2006, I think it's safe to say there will probably be a decent price correction the next time one comes to market.