06/17/22 MOAR!

Some more books that arrived today. I blathered on enough in the last post about the B and the B book so no need to mention it again here. Lotta MTU goin' on here. #15 is the first meet and team-up of Ghost Rider and Spider-Man. #36 is obviously a Spider-Man battle cover with Frankenstein and #46 with Deathlok. I'm pretty sure those last two books are also their first meetings. I'm not 100% sure on Frankenstein but I think so. Either way it's a pretty cool cover that's relatively cheap and should sell for a decent profit if and when graded. I really do like the #15. Ghost Rider is pretty much guaranteed to show up in the MCU at some point, it's got a cool cover, 1st app of a mind controlling villian and is already getting pricey and hard to find in high grade.