05/31/22 CGC Results

Economy fast tack. Delivered 5/3. Entered as received 5/9. Shipped 5/24. TAT 15 working days.

So this is the first complete batch of pre-1975 books I've pressed myself and I'm pretty happy with the reults. Most came a little better or quite a bit better than I expected. That's probably because I'm use to only grading and pressing moderns and obviously those are graded a bit more strictly than bronze and silver age books.

Will probably take me a while to getting better at estimates for these but this is a pretty big confidence boost for my pressing. I have another complete 25 pre-1975 batch pressed and ready to go so I should have estimates posted for those in a day or two. I also received another 25 moderns back from CGC today I have yet to scan and will have those up tomorrow. That's a pretty bland batch of books but the moderns I have coming back after that should be a bit more exciting. I'm also working on a 25 sub of only fairly rare Star Wars books which should be pretty fun. That will be the batch after the pre-1975 I send tomorrow or Thursday.