05/29/22 Weekly Pick Up Recap

Comics that arrived this week I haven't already posted. I did an entire write up on those True Believers SS 9.8s so no need to mention this one.

Marvel Premiere #48 is kinda interesting. #47 is the 1st app of Cassie Lang and 1st app of Scott Lang as Ant-Man. 9.8s for #47 have pretty much tripled in value in the last 2 years.

No one really mentions Cassie Lang's first in #47 which I think is a bit odd. I realize it's probably too expensive to spec on due to the Scott Lang aspect already having increased the value. I can see first apps of babies like Nathan Summers in X-Men #201 or Matthew Plunder in X-Men Annual #12 as not being highly sought after but a first app as a child when the character appeared in the MCU as a child makes a lot more sense to me. Especially when we've seen Cassie go from being a child to a hero in the MCU (assuming she does eventually turn into a hero).

Cassie Lang's debut in #47 means her first app is in a bronze age book. This is pretty rare when it comes to the next batch of young MCU heroes like Kamala Khan, America Chavez, etc. who all debuted in moderns. With #47 already being pricey, #48 seems like a good alternative to me. There's also no direct edition for #47 but #48 does have one with the newsstand version being demonstrably harder to find in 9.6 and 9.8. So if you have the chance to pick one up ON THE CHEAP, I'd stick to newsstands.

With Spider-Woman only appearing in one panel in Marvel Two-In-One #29, this #30 would be her 2nd full app or 3rd app overall (however you want to see it). Either way it's a fairly bizarre depiction of her fighting The Thing with a relatively low 9.8 count (23).

With 9.6s on Ebay approaching $200, I figured this 9.8 at $290 was a good pick up. A 9.8 sale hasn't been recorded on GPA since June of last year at $395. So I think by the time Spider-Woman comes around in live action and especially if a drought in 9.8 availability remains in effect, I should be able to sell this one for a decent profit.

There's also a direct edition diamond/UPC of this comic which is very difficult to find in high grade. I'd love to find a 9.8 candidate of one.

I bought the MSH #41 just because it was an odd cover with a low 9.8 count of 2 (oddly enough there are zero 9.6s but 8 lower grades on the census). I can reslab it for a pedigree label as well. Little to no demand for this one so I probably should have passed on it. Oh well.

Most of the graded books I purchase are at online shops outside of Ebay. Since not every store is constantly keeping track of prices and/or updating their prices regularly, some good deals can be found. When it comes to finding those deals, it's definitely an effort vs. reward thing.

I like those Frank books. #2 is 1st Bride of Frankenstein and this was a surprisingly clean copy for $27.74. #8 is Frank's first meeting with Dracula with them fighting on the cover of #9 as shown here. I like both #8 and #9 as spec picks at their current raw prices. People aren't paying too much attention to these.

I think Maria Hill is bound to return to the MCU. Not sure how much demand for her 1st app there will be in this New Avengers book but I'll still pick up decent condition newsstand copies if I can find them under $20 since they're pretty hard to find.

The last 3 books are just bronze age covers I really like that can be picked up raw and then sold for a decent profit once graded. I think they all have room to grow too based on the future likely MCU arrival of each.

I think the Gil Kane Magneto vs. X-Men/Avengers cover is fantastic and will likely see a decent jump in 9.8 value whenever the next one sells. The last recorded sale on GPA was in August of 2021 at $1,005. Last 9.6 was May 2021 at $225. A 9.4 sold this month for $215 which suggests a boost to higher grade values is due whenever the next one comes to market.