05/26/22 Another Star Wars Direct Edition Worth Picking Up....?

I noticed today that the CGC label for Star Wars #7 has been changed to now credit it as the "1st 'Expanded Universe' in a title". This change may have been made a while ago but I didn't realize it until today. I had known that this was the first EU book but I think CGC verifying it will only add to the demand.

So let's look at the numbers:

There are currently 227 CGC 9.8s of this book on the census. When looking at total graded copies on Ebay, there are 25 across all grades. Only 1 7.0 and 1 8.0 are Whitman direct editions which means the 23 remaining are newsstands.

You'll find multiple copies of the Whitman listed as a "reprint" which it is not. There is no reprint for this comic. This persistent idea that they are reprints is what continues to hold their value down. I'm fairly certain as more and more people realize they are not reprints and how rare they are in ultra high grade, the more their value will increase.

Unfortunately CGC does not differentiate between newsstands and direct editions on their census. So this obviously means there's no way of knowing with any certainty how many of each are on there.

For clarity's sake, I've included a picture below of the newsstand on the left and the direct edition on the right. These are BOTH first print comics.

Now any skeptic with a modicum of competence should ask "but how do we know that there aren't a lot of these direct editions on the census simply because they're perceived as not worth grading so they haven't been submitted yet?" That's a question worth asking and trying to answer. By going on Ebay and looking at raw copies, you'll find very few close to even high grade raw copies of the direct editions. But you will find a bunch of low and mid grade copies. So I think it's fair to reason that if all these low and mid grade copies are seen as worth listing, the ultra high grade copies would also be listed IF they existed. As it stands now, I can't find a single ultra high grade direct edition copy on Ebay.

So this is a book that I wouldn't just go buying any old direct edition copy you can find for investment/spec purposes BUT if you can find ultra high grade raw copies at the same price or a little bit more than the newsstands, I would absolutely consider picking them up.