05/24/22 Today's Arrivals...

I don't have much to say about these. Should be pretty obvious with most. Nice covers, newsstands, undervalued IMO. 2nd app of Cable on New Mutants #88, newsstand, he's on the cover. Solid alternative to #87 since that's pretty pricey. The Avengers books is a good Ant-Man vs Avengers battle cover. Also the debut of a new Wonder Man costume which isn't a big deal. Main reason I picked it up is that it's a high grade direct edition with the UPC are very hard to find. I'll probably try cracking and try to get a grade bump.

1st Bride of Frankenstein in Frankenstein #2. A Frankenstein #1 CGC 9.8 sold this month for $3,395 which is a big jump over it's previous high of $1,250. I think these lower priced bronze age monster books like this #2 with great covers, 1st apps of characters, etc. remain great pick ups.

Cap is a cool bronze age DD battle cover that's been cheap for a long time but probably won't remain that way forever.