05/21/22 LCS Pick Ups

$131 total.

Went to a shop I hadn't been to before for the first time today. They had some decent stuff but none of it was necessarily cheap. They didn't appear to price newsstands differently than directs which was nice.

The ASM and FF are in very nice condition. Deadpool ain't great but newsstands of that book in high grade aren't easy to find. I also think the Avengers Magneto cover is a bit undervalued. It's a great cover that might see some appreciation if and when Magneto arrives in the MCU.

In an interview with Heroic Hollywood, Malcolm Spellman (writer of Falcon and the Winter Solider and hired writer of Captain America 4) said his favorite character is Deathlok and that he'd love to write him next. Based on this, picking up Deathlok keys and Deathlok covers with Captain America makes sense to me.

Captain America and Deathlok both meet and fight in Cap #287. Deathlok is in #286 and on the cover, but most the issue is Cap looking for Deathlook with Deathlok introducing himself to Captain America in the final panel (page shown below). They don't actually interact or appear in a panel together until #287 which is why I like that book better than #286.