05/20/22 A Shanna Set...

Picked up this set off Ebay last week for $130 shipped and it arrived today. They looked pretty nice and were listed as being in "excellent" condition whatever the hell that means. I'm assuming I must have seen the listing shortly after it went up since they were pretty nice and Shanna #1 sales have been pretty strong for a bit now. #savageland

The Shanna #1 should press to a solid 9.2 candidate. #2 is a nice secondary key being Shanna's 2nd appearance. I also like #5 for first Nekra. She hasn't been around too much but since it's the last issue of a not too popular mini-series high grade copies aren't easy to find and with vampires possibly coming to the MCU eventually, who knows? I have a 9.8 already which I'll post a picture of below since it's not everyday you'll see a copy.

Overall I think this set was a pretty good pick up. It kinda sucks buying lots/sets just for one book but in the case of a set like this there's more than one good book to own and the price was definitely right.