05/15/22 Weekly Haul Recap

These are graded books that arrived this week that I didn't mention earlier in a post. The top 3 were just value buys due to being priced the same or close to the same as direct editions. The X-Men #25 is interesting and belongs to a subset of newsstands I'll talk about in a later post. I do like the Fatal Attractions storyline in regards to potential live action use. Very high print numbers for all of them so I would stick to newsstands only since they are significantly rarer and usually priced the same as direct editions. The TODs weren't both ordered this week but they happened to arrive this week. Hadn't seen a 9.8 for sale in a while and then had the chance to buy two within a couple of weeks of each other so I did. Assuming the MCU continues to lean into horror and introduces some of these more classic horror characters, I think books like this will continue to appreciate in value.

Just some more battle covers, hard to find direct UPCs and newsstands mostly.

The Kid Eternity book is the first appearance of the Bram Stoker version of Dracula in a comic.

Some good Werewolf related stuff in the Captain America book and that's a pretty clean Pence variant. If memory serves correctly, there isn't a Pence variant on the census but I'm too lazy to look right now to verify if that is true or not. I was at an antique shop with my wife and found the Excalibur and X-Men Unlimited books for $2 each and figured why not.