05/13/22 Off To CGC With Predictions...

Total cost for everything including grading: $1,375.74.

I feel a ton of these could go up or down a grade. I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of the 9.6s came back 9.8 and vice versa with the 9.8s. In my database I have a column with grade precitions. Most of these have "9.6-9.8" which means I think they have an even chance of getting either grade. Rather than making it too complicated in these prediction images, I just pick one. But like I said, a lot could go either way. That Batman is pretty cool. Solid 9.8 chance and it's a newsstand I picked up a couple weeks ago at a local shop for $10.

The Solo Walmart variant was an Ebay purchase for $14.99. That should be worth something in 9.8 if Qi'ra ever makes it to live action again. Only 3 9.8s on the census currently.

I think it's pretty wild how few of the Rogue One #1s and Solo #1s 9.8s are on the census. Rogue One's coming out in just a few months so it's not like there's going to be a huge dump to the census in that amount of time. 198 Rogue One cover A universal 9.8s on the census currently. That seems low for a Disney Plus show coming out soon with the first app of K-2SO and Cassian. The Walmart edition for that one is going to be a banger in 9.8. Only 11 9.8s on the census. I'd really like that Fantastic Four #209 to come back 9.8 just so I could sell one and see what the current value is since one hasn't sold in so long. I have two graded 9.8s already but I'm hesitant to sell one of those. H.E.R.B.I.E FTW!

Current turnaround time for me has been under 3 months for moderns so I should get these back pretty quick.

Wish me luck.