05/09/22 Direct Editions. The Newsstands of Tomorrow.

Got these both in the mail today. Total cost was $775.55.

The FF was just a value play since it was 1/3 less than the last sale of the same grade. Doom is bound to arrive in the MCU, this is a classic silver age key and should only increase in value until his arrival.

The Star Wars book is the cool one. I think I may be the only one that cares about these early direct editions with the UPC codes. They are not limited to just Star Wars and are very hard to find in high grade. Nearly impossible in 9.8. I've been picking them up for a couple years now and this is only the 2nd graded 9.8 I've seen from any title. These were limited mostly to 1977 but there are some from 1978 as well like this SW #14. Another interesting Star Wars one, despite the obvious issue #2 and #3, is #11. It has both a blank UPC and UPC direct edition. I have no idea why there are two different direct versions. Both are first printings. The UPC one is definitely the harder one to find in high grade. I also don't know why issues #4-10 and #12 and #13 are blank UPCs and issue #11 and #14 have UPCs. I don't know a lot apparently.

This #11 is also the first Luke Skywalker non-adaptation story in a comic. I like any of these early direct UPC books but I think ones that are even remotely keys are fantastic pick ups in ultra high grade if you can find them.

There was always a stigma against these Whitman books since people had assumed they were reprints. While some are reprints, the majority are not.

With graded 9.8 Battlestar Galactica #1 Whitman blank UPCs now selling for more than the regular first print newsstand, I think the Whitman stigma is slowly waning. These UPC direct editions I've been picking up are waaaaaaaaay harder to find than the later blank UPC version so now's the time to try to find them before more people realize just how rare they are.