05/05/22 Online Diggin'

Purchases from two different online shops that arrived yesterday and today. $1,415.50 total.

There's nothing I like more then going through a store's online inventory to find possible deals. I like this a helluva lot more than going into an actual store whose inventory has likely been picked over thoroughly by both customers and employees. I also don't have to talk to any strangers, put pants on and it's a lot less disappointing not finding something when you didn't have to drive there first. Shopping online also eliminates the "well I drove here, I might as well buy something" stupid impulse buys.

So none of the above comics are mindblowing spec nor were they mindblowing deals. I just thought they were good buys for the price, some minor spec and generally hard to find in 9.8.

I like the 1st app of Wundarr in Fear #17 but the likelihood of Wundarr appearing in live action is slim to none. That being said, there's only 10 9.8s on the census, the last 9.8 sold in 2014 for $103 and the last 9.6 sold in May of 2020 for $218.

When you look at the census, can see there is some interest in the book by the amount of people subbing and missing 9.8. Who the hell are the weirdos subbing the 4.5s-6.5s?

I'm not going to say much about the WWBN and Marvel Feature books. Both are low 9.8 census books with live action adventures coming soon so I should be able to sell them for double what I paid. For what it's worth, the Marvel Feature has a retold origin of Ant-Man and the Wasp and I paid less for it than the cheapest 9.6 is listed at on Ebay.

I like Punisher War Journal #6 and #7. #6 is the first meeting and fight of Punisher and Wolverine. #7 is a battle cover. I found this #6 newsstand for a bit over what current direct edition 9.8s sell for so I can hopefully sell it for at least double what I paid.

If you look on Ebay, there are 27 9.8 copies of #6 listed. Not a single one is a newsstand.

Silver Surfer #82 is the 1st full and cover appearance of Tyrant. He's been rumored to appear in the MCU which I think is incredibly unlikely. That being said, finding a newsstand in high grade is not easy so of course I bought a 9.8 newsstand copy when it was listed at 20% less than the cheapest direct edition 9.8 on Ebay. I have never seen a graded newsstand of this book before let alone a 9.8 and there are of course zero currently listed on Ebay.