05/04/22 CGC Submission

Sub I sent off to CGC about a week ago. Economy tier + fast track.

This is my first self-press of "real" books. I'm terrible at predicting low and mid grade results from CGC so wish me luck.

All of the MS #2s have some serious distribution ink. I've still got 20 or so left and 2 of these were the worst copies I had. One has a crazy wrap and the other was bent so bad in multiple places that there was about a 3" gap between the back of the book and the table when set on the table. Other than crushing the spine of that one, I think I did pretty good with them. 😂

I'll post this image along with the results when I get them back.

I'm not going to do a breakdown of each comic like I did in the last modern submission picture I did. Anyone reading this should know what these books are and why they're being subbed.....I would hope.

Total cost of the comics: $2,151.57

All grading fees and shipping both ways: $1,381.75 (55.27 each)

Combined cost of everything: $3,533.32