05/03/22 Lucky #13

Daredevil #13 CGC 9.6 $2,200 shipped. The challenge of finding affordable X-Men #10s (1st Ka-zar) has become increasingly more difficult over the last couple years and the Savage Land cameo in the Doctor Strange trailer has only exacerbated this. The last raw copy I picked up was in 2019 so there's no way I'd be buying any now.

I had been looking into and picking up alternatives to Ka-zar's first appearance for a while now and have been buying everything from Daredevil #7 (2nd appearance) and Marvel Super-Heroes #19 (1st solo silver age story) to Astonishing Tales #11 (continuation of origin). Despite being the one I hadn't purchased any of, I always found Daredevil #13 to the be most intriguing and by far the hardest to find in high grade which is why I hadn't purchased any.

It is quite odd how few of these come up for sale in high grade which is why I jumped at the opportunity to buy this 9.6. The funny thing is I had actually just bought this 9.0 last week. These were the first two copies I've ever purchased of this book so it's kinda funny they were both purchased within a week or two of each other.

So this is the 3rd silver age appearance of Ka-zar (Kevin Plunder) and his first origin comic of both him and his brother Karnival Plunder (The Plunderer). It's also obviously an early Daredevil comic with an interesting (Ka-zar in the sewer) Jack Kirby cover. 1st vibranium too but I don't see why that'd ever mean too much value-wise. Like I said above though and despite this being a signficant Ka-zar key, the difficulty finding copies to purchase and the sales history of this book were what intrigued me the most about it. As you can see in the next image, there isn't a recorded sale on GPA of a graded copy above 7.0 sold in 2022 besides the single Heritage Auction pedigree 9.6 sale that ended at $3,120 at the start of the year.

I mean, sure. The 9.6 I bought wasn't a pedigree but it has the same page quality and I purchased it for $920 less. I think that's a decent discount for simply not being a pedigree copy and the sale occurred before the Doctor Strange 2 trailer was released.

And if you go on Ebay, there is only two graded CGC copies for sale (1 6.5, 1 7.0). There's a PGX 9.0 with an obvious dust shadow on the top of the front and back cover so who wants that one? Gross.

So what does this all mean? I don't know. I can't explain why so few copies are for sale or have been sold recently but I wasn't going to pass up the chance to buy a 9.6. There's only 1 9.8 on the census as you can see below....

....so the likelihood another 9.6 is going to pop up for sale at this price or lower is probably pretty slim.

That's all I've got to say for this book/pick up but if you're interested in some Savage Land related spec and got some money to blow, check out this Shanna #2 9.6 auction at Pedigree Comics. I've spent too much money in the last couple weeks and it's a bit more than I'm willing to pay already so I'm not gonna bid on it. But yeah, cool Steranko cover, 2nd appearance, low census. I like Shanna #2 for several reasons so if high grade Ka-zar books and Shanna #1 has gotten too pricey for ya, maybe keep your eyes peeled for some Shanna #2s (I mentioned Shanna in my last post too so obviously I'm a fan).

Here's a link to the 9.6 auction. If nothing else, it'll be fun to see where it ends.