05/02/22 Goin' Fishin'

Total cost of everything (raws, grading, shipping, etc) = $1,151.05.

I don't really have a lot to say about these. The Daredevil is the only one that came in significantly lower than I expected but apparently I'm blind and missed the dust shadow on the back cover. There are no notes so I'll have to assume that's what it was dinged for. I do have an appointment with an optometrist next week to update my glasses. Guess I should have done that sooner...

The Star Wars #2 direct edition I predicted a 5.5 and got a 5.0. The book is pretty messed up and I can't predict mid and low grade books very well. I sold the last 5.5 for $300 so I'm going to try to get that with this 5.0 since I can't find a single graded one on Ebay right now. They definitely sell at a higher price than newsstands and are waaaaay harder to find. I'm fairly certain 99% of the comic collecting public doesn't realize this yet. Almost every Marvel title in 1977 has 1st print diamond UPC directs like this that are impossible to find in ultra high grade. SO GO FIND SOME!

The "goin' fishin'" title of this post refers to me subbing a lot of these to see what happens and fishing for a lucky 9.8 or two. The majority of these I have a bunch of copies in higher grade/more likely to hit 9.8 so why not try to get lucky? They should sell for more in 9.6 than if I were to sell them raw and I can press myself so it doesn't cost anything for the pressing. Galactus, Bishop, etc. are books I'll sit on the highest raws I have until it gets closer to their MCU arrival assuming that happens. Just to mention a few.... I have 21 more copies of Alpha Flight #1 in 9.4 or better, 8 more MP #33 (hard to get in ultra high grade, something's gotta happen with Solomon Kane someday right?), a shit load of those Captain Britain 3rd prints since I bought out the last 20 or so from Midtown when they were in stock (the one in the picture is the first 9.8 to be added to the census), and 23 more X-Men #282 2nd prints.

I really like those Chiodo painted Marvel Fanfare covers of Shanna (issues #56-#59). They aren't expensive but aren't easy to get 9.8 copies of. If Shanna comes to the MCU, they should be good to have. #59 is my favorite.

I also have 11 more super solid 9.8 candidates of that Minecraft ashcan and just sold a 9.8 for $400 a week ago.

These were $2 each at MyComicShop for quite a while so I just kept ordering 2 at a time since that was the max per order and placed repeat orders until they sold out. I think I had around 20 at one point.

If you think something is a good spec and you can get a lot of em, why buy just one? Go big or go home.

.,...and in case you thought "Marvel Premiere #33 isn't the first app of Solomon Kane you moron!" Dont' worry. I got one of them too.