05/01/22 Weekly Haul Recap

I don't have much to write about in regards to what I received this week but I sure did spend quite a bit of money. That stuff should be arriving in the next week or two and these books in the picture are the only ones I got this week besides the ASM #4 2nd print. That being said, expect some pretty cool graded books to be showing up on this blog in the next week or two.

I was mulling the idea of including a write up on a new name for the last 10 or so years of comics since the "modern age" title is getting pretty old but it's a half baked idea I may complete at a different time. But a lot of recent pick ups as you can see here are related to it. Everyone's buying graded books, does much beyond the cover really matter when you can't open it, blah blah blah. So yeah. Battle covers and 1st meetings are hot. There are quite a few that I think are undervalued so I've been buying them.

I think that TOS #79 is a great cover if Hercules arrives in the MCU and sticks around for any length of time. Unfortunately raws have seen a pretty decent increase in price recently so picking up decent copies has become a lot harder.

The others kind of speak for themselves and I already did a write up on FF #209. The copy in this picture is a super solid 9.8 candidate and it was under $10 shipped off Ebay. Passing this book up at that price is INSANE IMO and I'm still surprised high grade raws are so cheap. It's been 351 days since a 9.8 has been listed on Ebay. There are so many books out there like this that I'm really starting to think underpriced raws is a lot better play in regards to profitability than undervalued books. Way less risk when buying books for under $20 that are already worth $300-400 when graded rather than gambling on what books will no longer be "undervalued" tomorrow. The best thing about buying underpriced raws is the more one expands their knowledge base, the more books there are to buy. In other words, the reward matches the effort which is always a great motivator. So yeah. I got another 25 non-boner inducing moderns back from CGC yesterday I'll post a picture of later this week as well as both some pretty cool and some leftfield minor keys I picked up as well that should be arriving this week.