04/25/22 Buy Later Printings...

I was going to do a long write up comparing modern book first print CGC 9.8 numbers to later printings, do a bunch of comparisons and blah blah blah....but why? It's a no brainer. If rumors are swirling regarding a hero or villain coming to live action and you have the chance to buy either a first print graded 9.8 or 9.8 candidate or a graded 9.8 or 9.8 candidate of the rarest later printing of the first appearance, buy the later printing. It isn't rocket science.

No. It doesn't matter if it's just a color change on the cover (Thor #1 for Jane Foster, Darth Vader #3 for Doctor Aphra) or just the words "second printing" (Darth Maul #2 for Cad Bane, Amazing Spider-Man #4 for Silk), a significantly rarer later printing will be the winner. Sure. Not everyone thinks later printings should be more valuable than the first and will continue to shit talk later printings but fuck those people.

There are 2,703 total first print Thor #1s on the census and 54 total fourth print 9.8s. That's 98% less fourth print 9.8s than first print 9.8s on the census. You don't need a shitload of people to make that rare of a book more valuable whether it came out a few months later or not. You also aren't going to see a huge census spike with the later printings once a character is confirmed for live action like you do with a heavily ordered first printing. It's the same with the Darth Vader #3 fourth printings. There will never be a ton of 9.8s on the census because there simply isn't a ton of copies of it out there.

So I'm writing all this because I just bought an ASM #4 second print 9.8 from MyComicShop. It cost $367.50 shipped.

Now as far as I know, Silk has yet to be confirmed for live action but it's 100% just a matter of time until she is. Has she already? I can't remember. Either way I'm sure Sony will fuck it up when she does finally show up in a movie.

The cheapest ASM #4 first print 9.8 on Ebay is $349.

69 total first print CGC 9.8s listed on Ebay.

The cheapest ASM #4 second print 9.8 on Ebay is $1,417.

2 total second print CGC 9.8s listed on Ebay. Frequently later printings will have lower 9.8 numbers than even high incentive ratio variants like the sketch variant of Thor #1 (1:300 with 151 9.8s on the census which is 97 more than the fourth print). Just another thing to keep in mind before shelling out the big bucks for an incentive variant when there may be later printings available for the same price as cover A first prints. The super high incentive variant may sell for more in the end but when you factor in the buy-in cost, the later print may be the better bargain and signicantly less risky.

I'm tired of typing. This really doesn't need more explanation but I'll include the 9.8 census numbers for every cover of ASM #4 below.

There are 98% less second print 9.8s on the census than first print 9.8s. The same percentage difference as Thor #1 second prints to Thor #1 first prints. What a coincidence....

Now this may not apply to every 1st app with a later print, but run the numbers before buying and make the smart choice. Like I said above, this ain't rocket science.