04/24/22 Weekly Haul Recap

Went to some shops and got a bunch of stuff in the mail this week. I don't have time to do much of a write up since I have a bunch of auctions ending and I'm still grading and filing this stuff. This is more or less everything that arrived this week except a graded book I hope to do a video on and the Addams Family book which I already did a write up on.

I found this SW #2 at an online shop for $1,900. Was $2,001.99 after fees and shipping costs. I wasn't sure if they'd ship it or not because one with white pages sold for $5,000 a day or two after I purchased this one. Turns out they shipped it.

These raws arrived earlier in the week.

I'm not saying that Galaxy's Edge #3 second print is the best cover in the world but Hondo is pretty popular, low number ordered and only 2 copies on the census at this time (9.0 is highest currently) so getting a 9.8 candidate may be a good idea.

The books in this last picture either all arrived yesterday or were purchased yesterday at stores I visited for the first time since I'm new to this area. The top row of books are all newsstands and purchased at the same shop. Some ended up not being in the best condition but the Punisher #1, Daredevil #196 and Batman #609 book all have a decent shot at being 9.8s. Total cost for that top row was $202 so I think it's safe to say I did pretty damn good.

A newsstand 9.8 of that Black Panther #1 (1st app Okoy, Dora Milaje) last sold in February for $1,750. I already have a 9.6 as shown below....