04/19/22 Back From CGC...

Total cost of everything (raws, grading, shipping, etc) = $1,060.76.

This batch ain't anything to write home about. Quite a bit of WTF was I thinking and a pretty stupid mistake for one of them.

All of these came back in either the exact grade as expected or within the range I expected which begs the question, WTF was I thinking? Why did I sub the Borderlands, Magic, etc.? No real reason other than I pressed it and thought "well let's see what this gets". My grading predictions were correct which is cool but having 9.2s of comics no one cares about isn't so cool. Someday I'll learn that pressing doesn't = must get graded.

The GI Joe is interesting since I had it in a 9.8 screen before with a "profesional" having pressed it. It failed the screen and when I got it back it didn't look like it was even touched by the presser so I figured I'd do it my damn self. There was a bit of color break on the center back cover which I actually didn't noticed until I was pressing it which I figured would prevent it from hitting 9.8. Unfortunately I was right. So close yet so far.

The stupid mistake I mentioned above was the Star Wars #5. I was perfectectly fine getting a 9.2 of the #6 because it's a first print direct edition which I've never seen graded near that high of a grade before and was curious to see if it would command a higher price than a grade equivalent newsstand. The plan was to have 2 direct edition in 9.2 and sell them as a set. The plan obviously failed now that I see I had the #5 entered in my database as a "direct edition" but didn't bother to notice it was a newsstand when pressing it or subbing it.....not smart.

I highly doubt Agent Kallus will show up in the Kenobi show but that SW Adventures #14 was pretty damn hard to find in ultra high grade at a decent price so I just subbed the two best copies I could find. I may have one more at CGC but I'm too lazy to look. I have 175 books at CGC still and my small brain can't remember everything let alone tell the difference between a direct edition and newsstand....

Someday I'll get a 9.8 with that stupid Force Unleashed II mini comic. I still have a few left to try with. I made a video on that one a while back if you'd like to check it out. I'll post it below.

So yeah. Pretty meh overall for this submission.