04/17/22 Weekly Haul Recap

Here's pictures of all the graded and raw books I recieved this week. I'm not going to do a breakdown with prices and grades since it will be too time consuming. I'll write something about each if I haven't mentioned them before. I obviously did posts on two of the graded books that I received this week already...

The Marvel Two-In-One is a very eary Spider-Woman cameo. Incredibly hard to find in high grade direct edition. I love these early UPC direct editions.

Cable #3. 1st Jack Hammer/Weasel. 68 appearances in comics, in the Deadpool movies, dirt cheap, why not? Would likely be recast if the character shows up in the next Deadpool movie but like I said, dirt cheap and newsstands don't cost anything more than direct editions despite being significantly harder to find in high grade.

Nothing really special about that Deaths Head II #2 other than being a newsstand which are pretty hard to find. I am fan of the #1 2nd print too. Seems like a version of Deaths Head could appear in the MCU at some point so....ya.

Sam Wilson Captain America #3. Prices are down on all Joaquin Torres books. Seems like he was definitely set up for a return in the MCU at the conclusion of FATWS so this seems like a no brainer. Gotta love the average speculator's attention span...

There's a lot goin' on in that X-Men #139 (new Wolverine costume, 1st Heather Hudson, Kitty Pryde as Sprite) so I'll just keep on pickin' up high grade copies when the price is right.

I love the Doom cover on Super-Villain Team-Up #14. Surprisingly few high grade copies available online. Maybe a bunch are languishing away in back issue bins out there? Keep your eyes peeled for direct edition copies of the books in this series that have them. Significantly harder to find in high grade than the newsstands and a lot have pretty cool covers.

Newsstand John Byrne cover on Wolverine #17. 21 9.8s on Ebay. Not a single one is a newsstand. Get on it, bub.

The rarity of that Dragon Ball #1 is underrated IMO. Came out the same time as Dragon Ball Z #1 but without 10 different printings and far less 9.8s on the CGC census (census info is confusing due to multiple unclear entires and years but the non-Z book appears to be a lot scarcer in 9.8 than the Z book). DragonBall, Dragon Ball, Dragonball, whatever...

Super-Villain Team-Up #1 isn't the first Super-Villain Team-Up book, both Giant Size Super-Villain Team-Up #1 and #2 pre-date it. That being said, it's the start of a classic Sub-Mariner and Doom team up series with a great cover and only 27 9.8s on the census. $728.95 seemed like a good price.