04/13/22 Newsstands. Beating Off A Dead Horse.

Picked up this Ghost Rider #15 about an hour after it went up on MyComicShop. They frequently don't price newsstands differently. They must slip under the radar or something because as you can see in the photo below, what I paid for it and the two other listed are quite different. The price I paid is only marginally higher than their listed direct edition 9.8s. But ya, I love iconic covers like this in newsstand.

Now I don't mean “iconic” in the monstrous price tag sense that everyone associates with iconic and classic silver age covers. I mean iconic in the symbolic and/or emblematic sense in which it is a great representation of the character, immediately identifiable and more or less universally well regarded. It's not the quality of the artwork that holds back the monetary gains of covers like this from the 80s and 90s. It's their very large print runs. There's simply more supply than demand.

This is why I pick up newsstand editions of these up. There are objectively fewer ultra high grade newsstands of these books out there than there are direct editions. Deathlok #1 from his ongoing series, Deadpool's 2nd app in X-Force #2 and other books like this are not huge keys, but they are significantly rarer in newsstand 9.8 yet frequently not priced to reflect this. So if and when these characters arrive in the MCU/appreciate over time, I think it's safe to assume that the newsstand editions will see an increasing price disparity between them and their more common direct edition counterparts. I think this is especially true as more and more people realize their rarity. After all, I still see people with fairly large platforms in the comic speculation community stating that newsstands from the 80s and 90s are no more or less common in ultra high grade than direct editions.

I said “objectively” above so I'll explain that with an image using Ebay listing data to show the difference in availability of various newsstand and direct edition comics. I even included a comic from 1979 in the picture to show that age does not matter.

Each book varies but you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down right?

The best thing about these is that in raw, you can find tons of books out there like this that aren't priced any differently than direct editions. As you can see with a lot of my pick ups, none of these individually are going to make me rich but I'm a quantity kind of guy. While making $5,000 per sale is great, it's hard to do on a frequent basis so if I can make $100-$200 per sale and have 10 sales a week, I'll take that with the occasional $5,000 sale all day long thank you very much.

I have a couple hundred newsstands like this I'm not going to pull out for a picture but I made a collage of the graded 9.8s I bought for either the FMV of directs or just above it.