04/10/22 Weekly Haul Recap

Figured I'd try to do a recap of all the books I received at the end of each week.

I'll include the total price paid, grade if stated on the listing or site I purchased it from, actual grade it showed up in and potential CGC grade. Being able to assess a grade via some shit Ebay pictures is a great skill but also very tough to do and always impossible to be 100% accurate with unless you have the actual copy in your hands. I'm sure these posts will illustrate a lot of disappointment.

Alpha Flight #33. Newsstand edition. $18.00.

1st app Lady Deathstrike.

Ebay Grade – None given

Actual – VF+

Potential – 9.4-9.6

Fantastic Four #209. Direct edition. $8.50.

1st app H.E.R.B.I.E.

Ebay Grade – “HQ”

Actual – VF+

Potential – 9.6

This is pretty weak but it's also the 1st named app of the New Champions aka the Champions of Xandar which is a team featuring Nova.

I really like this for H.E.R.B.I.E. though. With the popularity and humor of droids in Star Wars, I could see HERBIE being used this way in the MCU.

I've been picking this book up for a while and have a couple CGC 9.8s. There are a lot of books like this where graded 9.8s have creeped up in value or have became very hard to find but that hasn't really affected raw copy prices which can still be found really cheap. Whether H.E.R.B.I.E. shows up in the MCU or not, if you can find minor keys like this for 10 that can be turned into 9.8s, the worst case scenario is you'll make a couple hundred bucks.

This book is also one of hundreds of examples of a book that despite being from 1979 is infinitely harder to find in ultra high grade newsstand than direct edition. Anyone who says books from this era aren't any harder to find in high grade newsstand than they are direct edition either doesn't buy much or know what they're talking. While this is true in some cases, each book seems to be different and should be looked at individually rather than having the ignorant view that since printed newsstands far outnumbered direct editions from that time they are just as easy or easier to find in ultra high grade.

Daredevil #170. Direct edition.

Wilson Fisk name reveal. Kingpin's 1st app in the Daredevil series. $45.00.

Online Shop Grade – NM

Actual – VF

Potential – 9.4-9.6

This was an undervalued key or quite a while. Not so much nowadays.

I definitely overpaid for this and I'm not happy with the grade. The online reasons I didn't complain or return it is it can mostly be fixed with a press and I've gotten some great deals from this shop and don't want to rock the boat. I would be less disappointed if this were a newsstand since they are significantly harder to find despite this book being from 1981. Notice a theme here in regards to newsstands?

Spider-Woman #39. Newsstand edition. $18.28.

Early negative space cover.

Ebay Grade – None given.

Actual – FN/VF

Potential – 9.2

Big misfire on this one. Incredibly hard to find newsstands of this in high grade so I probably was a bit too optimistic when looking at the pictures. I should have asked for a closer picture of the bottom right corner. It has a light bend but it didn't look like it broke color. There is a small section that does though unfortunately.

I've been picking up early negative space covers due to the popularity of the new ones being released. Someday I'm thinking there will be some love for the OGs. They are very hard to find in, you guessed it, ultra high grade newsstand.

Alpha Flight #3. Newsstand edition. $10.98.

Early negative space cover.

Ebay Grade – None given

Actual – VF+

Potential – 9.6-9.8

Tomb of Dracula #18. $124.95.

1st Dracula and WWBN. Classic cover.

Online Shop Grade – VF

Actual – VF

Potential – 9.0

This wasn't cheap but I love this cover and it looked pretty clean in the photos.

I should be fine with the amount I paid after it's graded in regards to value but if and when Dracula and WWBN meet on screen, this should definitely see a nice return.

I'll include a couple pictures of the graded copies I own below and don't forget about WWBN #14 if you're pickin up TOD #18.

For shits 'n giggles I'll include the two Eerie copies I own too since that's also a great cover.