03/31/22 50 More Back From CGC...

Nothing too exciting here. A couple I would have liked to have been a bit luckier on but then a couple came back a bit better than expected so it all balanced out in the end.

The Marvel Age Mark Jewelers is kinda cool. Added that book raw to an online order for $2.20 because I saw it was a newsstand. Turned out to be a Jewelers.

The Ironheart #1 2nd print 9.4 was pretty beat up when I got it. I even recessed the staples quite a bit on accident when pressing it. I figured 9.4 was best case scenario so I'll take it.

I'm fairly certain the Bob's Burgers got a 9.6 from me being a bit heavy handed with the tack iron on a section of the back. The other day I also accidentally polished off a piece of the hologram on a case while buffing it. I think I need to slow down a bit.... 🤣