03/31/22 A Wedge Issue

Got these two Star Wars books in the mail the other day for a whoppin' $22.50 total. These have two things going for them. First, they are the nicest Whitman edition first print copies I've seen of issues #5 and #6 and second, Wedge Antilles.

So if you aren't familiar with the rarity of high grade first print direct editions from 1977 and 1978, I suggest you get yourself acquainted with 'em. This rarity is in no way limited to just this Star Wars series and I plan on doing an in depth video on this topic in the future so I won't be discussing them in detail in this post. I have included a link at the bottom of this post to an article which basically explains their evolution over time if you're interested.

Here's a picture showing the different versions of these two Star Wars comics and how to tell the difference between the first and second printings. #6 has the same blank UPC and reprint identifiers as #5.

And now onto Wedge Antilles....

So the Rogue Squadron movie is still scheduled to happen and if I had to put money on a Star Wars character sure to appear in the movie, it'd be Wedge Antilles. I've include a picture below showing what I consider his key books to be.

This dude has been around for a long time, has had a ton of appearances in both canon and non-canon media and even had an appearance in the The Rise of Skywalker movie.

Just to give you an idea of how many times this guy has shown up in Star Wars stuff, I compiled a list of appearances in both canon and non-canon media in the picture below. You can also checkout his pretty big entrees in both the Canon and Legends sections via the Wookieepedia link I've included.

Wedge's Wookieepedia entry: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Wedge_Antilles

BONUS INFO: Wes Janson's first appearance should be in the #78 book in the picture above. He's part of Rogue Squadron and in the battle on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back but I don't believe he's in the comic. He's Wedge Antilles gunner so maybe you see the back of his head but he isn't identified or referenced in the comic.

That being said, he does die in issue #78 but this is not canon and if you read his canon entry on Wookieepedia, you'll see that he lives and does not die on Hoth like in the comics. He also has an extensive write up in the Legends section with over 50 appearances listed and is heavily involved in the Rogue Squadron books. Despite these stories not being canon, his first appearance makes Star Wars #78 even better. That and the fact that the book is dirt cheap.

Wes' Wookieepedia entry: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Wes_Janson

All the info has been provided for you to follow up on with Wedge if you'd like to read more about him so I'm not going into more depth on why I like him or write a bunch of flimsy conjectures guaranteeing his appearance in the Rogue Squadron movie simply because we don't know anything about it at this point and saying anything otherwise would just be guessing. But like I said, if I had to put money on one specific Star Wars character to show up in the movie, it'd be Wedge Antilles.

Direction edition information: http://www.bipcomics.com/showcase/Direct/index.php