03/17/22 A Book I Like...

So this copy of Tales of Suspense #49 arrived the other day. I picked it up off Comic Link for $998.50 shipped. I had been looking for a graded high grade copy with white pages for a while, gave up and settled for this one.

3rd appearance of the X-Men, 1st appearance of the X-Men and the Avengers outside of their own series (CGC label says 1st X-Men crossover but it's also the 1st for the Avengers as well if you consider Iron Man's appearance, the Avengers being referenced and a single panel image of them to be an appearance), 2nd appearance of the Watcher, a not so common Jack Kirby/Steve Ditko super-hero collab and a pink cover! While none of these things are mind-blowing in their own right, it's still a silver age key I couldn't pass up at this price.

It's current value is a bit hard to pinpoint which is actually what convinced me to pick this one up. There's currently a single CGC 8.5 with off-white pages on Ebay listed at $1,850 which is the highest graded copy on there. After that there's two 7.5s and then the grades drop pretty quickly after that. I couldn't find a single copy for sale online outside of Ebay above 6.0.

The recorded sales on GPA also don't do a whole lot either to help with determining the value of this book in high grade. There's only 5 recorded sales at 8.5 and above in the last 2 years and the last 9.2 that sold was 4 years ago.

So is this book undervalued? Overvalued? Hell, I don't know. But since it was a tad under $1,000 and with it being seemingly pretty damn hard to find someone willing to unload a copy in this high a grade, I wasn't going to pass it up. Maybe you shouldn't either if you happen to stumble across a decently priced graded or nice raw copy in the wild.