03/09/22 When You See 'Em Zig, Consider Zagging...

I've been speculating on Star Wars comics for many years now. So much so that I was pretty burnt out by the time the High Republic comics starting coming out and I was turned off by all the pre-release hype they were getting. For better or worse, when I see a bunch of people rushing to do something, I'm someone that is 10x more likely to immediately think "fuck those idiots" than "I should think about joining in". That being said, I purchased 5 copies of the High Republic #1 1:25 Sway variant and that's it when it came to High Republic and High Republic Adventures #1. I figured I'd take a wait and see approach prior to purchasing anything else from these series'.

I'd assumed that there would be so many copies available that I'd likely be able to pick up copies several months after release for close to cover or possibly less if the series' were popular and seemed like they'd be sticking around for a while. And that's exactly what I did. I ended up buying a dozen or so High Republic Adventures #1 cover As for slightly less than cover and 5 High Republic Adventures #1 1:10 CGC 9.8s at an average price of $79.88 shipped. I ended up deciding to just ignore the regular Marvel High Republic #1s since there are so many copies of it out there. There's always something else to spec on so no biggie even if it manages to blow up.

But more importantly, while people were going apeshit over store exclusives and the random issue here and there, I noticed that a sigificant number of people (based on incorrect Ebay listings and pick up posts I was seeing) didn't realize Marchion Ro's 1st appearance was in High Republic Adventures #2. I also assumed the print run would be quite a bit lower than #1.

I kept seeing people posting pick up pictures of 10-20 copies of #1 from both series' and figured they probably wouldn't be doing the same for issue #2. There also was 4 printings for Marvel's High Republic #2 and zero reprints for HR Adventures #2 which confirmed the lack of interest in the book that I had already suspected. So since the #2 1:10 variant was still selling at the same price as when it was released, I decided to pick up a few. "A few" for me usually means a couple dozen so that's exactly what I did.

It's really funny to see this book going up in value now after a Key Collector post on High Republic keys. It still boggles my mind to see how many people don't actually research this stuff on their own and instead wait for a video or app to tell them what to buy. All they had to do was read the damn books. It's not rocket science. If you're going to speculate on new comics, read them.

If you're lucky enough to have both the initiative and a meat computer between your ears with enough working brain cells to prevent you from needing an app, website or video to tell you what to buy, you'll be infinitely more successful in this game. So like the title of this post says, sometimes it's better to zag when you see others zig.

In case you haven't been following my escapades on MeWe, I figured I'd include some images of past pick up posts just so you know I wasn't kidding when I said I'd been going pretty hard on Star Wars books for a while. I'll also include the last 9.8 collage of SW books I did. I'd been buying SW books pre-MeWe and posting in G+ groups but I didn't save any images of those.

This was in October of last year. I've obviously bought and sold some since then. I'll likely continue to do a picture like this each year. There's too many for me to include the non-9.8s in a single image so this is just the 9.8s.