03/07/22 Certified Disappointment

Here's 50 more comics I got back from CGC on Saturday. This is the last batch of comics I will ever have pressed by someone else. If I want my comics to be pressed in a mediocre and disappointing fashion, I'll save money and time and just do it myself from now on.

So I've had comics damaged by a presser by melting whatever substance he appeared to clean them with into the comics and some other issues (see images). I then had 50 comics severely damaged while en route to CGC who rejected the box due to damage when shipped from a presser who then was a complete unsympathetic dick about it, made me pay the deductible for his insurance claim and actually said "don't think I'm going to press these again for free". And now this, a presser that's work has steadily decreased in quality over the last year. Unfortunately it takes a while to realize this when it takes 6+ months for pressing and grading to be completed. From obvious books that weren't cleaned in any way and books that appear to not have been pressed at all to a dozen plus grader's notes stating "light bends" and "light creases", the last few subs not pressed by me have been full of these issues. I was actually blaming CGC for a while for this when that clearly doesn't appear to be the case.

I've included an example of a book that obviously wasn't cleaned in the CBCS sub I did and then one that either wasn't pressed at all or was pressed terribly in the sub I'm posting today. The images are of a bend on a X-Men #262 Canadian price variant that got an 8.5. The bend does not break color as shown in the first picture and then you can clearly see the bend when it's photographed at an angle. Multiple books in the 2 subs shown today came in significantly lower than expected. When I look them over, the reasons are obvious. There's only one book where I don't see obvious fixable flaws that weren't fixed with most having non-color breaking spine ticks, faint finger bends and/or very slight spine rolls. All of which should have been easily fixed which is why I sent them to be pressed in the first place.

Two of the Star Wars books are Australian price variants. I have never seen graded SW Aus price variants before. Most raw copies I have seen have been in terrible condition. I've included close up images of the labels and prices. The labels do not denote that they are Australian price variants. I know the presser swapped books between the two subs which is probably why CGC didn't catch that they were variants. I entered them as variants on the one sub but I know for a fact he mixed them up with the other sub because the direct edition Star Wars #2 which was clearly the lowest grade also came back with the wrong submission. Hopefully CGC won't compare the original sub info I filled out to what they received because they could say it was my fault when trying to get this fixed. Regardless, they should have caught this and labeled them correctly but it's hard to blame them if they've never seen them before and nothing on the submission form they were looking at said to look for them.

If nothing else, at least all these issues with pressers has motivated me to do my own pressing from now on. I just wish I had started sooner. I'd probably have gotten a lot more 9.8s in this sub if I had.