02/26/22 Express Sub Back From CGC...

Somehow I completely misjudged when the Moon Knight show would be coming out so I totally missed the sub date for a bunch of Mr. Knight books. These 4 looked pretty solid and I thought they'd be worth the extra cost to grade them Express and have them back in time for the show's debut so I took a gamble on 'em.

I was mostly just curious what grades the MS #2s would get since they were pretty beat up and these were the first 2 squarebound books I've ever pressed which is why I wanted to get 'em graded. I figured both would be 3.0-3.5 at best since they were pretty jacked up. I should have taken before pictures since both were so bent up they didn't lie any where near flat.

I have 17 raw MS #2s left to sub and definitely feel better about pressing them myself since these were the worst two condition ones of my remaining copies. I'll include the graders notes with the sub picture so you can see some of the issues they had. They weren't minor. I'll also include a picture of my remaining copies just for shits 'n gigglez.