02/26/22 Back From CGC...

Lest ye think the graders were tough on me, I had predicted 9 at most would be 9.8s and I got 8 so not bad.

A couple I had thought would be 9.4s got 9.6s like the Zelda and Usagi books. Speaking of the Zeldas, the labels and grades were swapped so I'll need to send this back. They someone how mixed the grades up AND the wrong variant logo. An impressive but not shocking mix up.

When it comes to the grading, the only questionable one is the Invincible Iron Man #2 variant which I thought would be a 9.6. It has a bit more color rub at the top staple than I've seen some 9.8s get which is why I figured it'd be a 9.6 so I'm not sure what dropped it to a 9.4.

Everything else I predicted the exact grade of, even the 8.5s.

I wouldn't have subbed 1/2 of these if I had to pay someone else to press them but that still doesn't explain why I thought having a 9.6 Avengers Classic or Justice #9 would be a good idea. Oh well. Sometimes I confound even myself.