02/24/22 Some shit done got here.

14 copies of Doctor Aphra #1 arrived from Midtown today. They were $5.50 a piece.

I keep a spreadsheet for several stores that have comics in stock that I'd like to purchase that I feel are overpriced. If you pay attention to multiple online shops and check back frequently with them, you'll learn which ones have holiday sales, random discounts, etc.

Having a spreadsheet or a list like this will also help in case you didn't want to pay the shipping cost for just one comic. This way if you find something in the future you want and add the stuff you have saved in your spreadsheet (assuming it's still in stock), you'll then spread the cost of shipping over multiple comics. Having a list of stuff you want will also help you negotiate prices with some of the smaller stores.

Both Midtown and MyComicShop are nice because you can save stuff in your cart without purchasing. Unfortunately I've yet to see MyComicShop have a sale but Midtwon drops the price on stuff randomly all the time so I tend to check almost every day since I always have a handful of comics saved in my cart. Midtown designates an alloted amount for immediate purchase and will then list comic as out of stock. This usually isn't permanent on books that are a bit stagnant in their inventory so it's important to check back in a day in case you're looking to buy more in the future and want to wait for another price drop.