02/18/22 - LCS pick ups

$139 total. Grades were written on the back and most were a bit overgraded but could be improved with a press. Astonishing Tales #13s (3rd appearance and 1st cover appearance of Man-Thing) cost $40.50 for both and should clean/press to 9.2-9.4.

X-Factor #24 newsstand (1st Arcangel) was $7.00 and leans to 9.6 if it were cleaned and pressed. Possibly just a 9.4 though.

Iron Man #194 newsstand (cameo Scourge, I loved this guy as a kid despite not getting much of him) $3.50. Likely at 9.4 at best.

Iron Man #219 (1st Ghost) $3.50. Potential 9.8 or 9.6 at worst. Couple rumors that Ghost may return in Ant-Man 3. Either way, not bad for $3.50.

Punisher #1 (1st ongoing) was $23.00. Probably 9.6 after a press. Last 9.8 sold on Ebay for $292. Increases prices are likely due to DD's app in Spider-Man. This has also increased the demand for Marvel Feature #1. Not sure how likely Punisher/Defenders in the MCU are though.

Daredevil #183 (DD meets Punisher) was $16.40. Probable 9.6. As with some of the others here, I'd have preferred a newsstand. Not much significance with the others other than cool covers or minor 1st apps. I do love that Super-Villain Team Up #12. That cover is amazing. That book and #14 have been really hard to find in extremely high grade. #12 also has a diamond box UPC direct edition that is even harder to find. A book I'm likely the only one looking for.